Ukrainian reincarnation BTR-70 - Varan

  • Sufficiently large amounts of BTR-70 in Ukraine and their livelihood at the front has led to the fact that various companies have "thrown" their modernization options in recent years.

    The most radical was the "Varan" from Scientific-Production Company "Techimpex" LLC. For the first time a new armored personnel carrier was shown to the public during the exhibition "Weapons and Security 2015". He received a modified armored car. Due to the rational arrangement (the engine in front, not behind) the landing division has an 35% larger internal volume. It is important that the anchorage in the stern part is driven by a flip-flop, which facilitates the landing and landing of fighters. "Varan" can also be used as a control, communication, medical, as well as repair and evacuation machine. In the basic design the body provides protection from balls of caliber 7,62 mm, and in the frontal and fog projection - from balls 12,7 mm.

    Armored personnel carrier with a combat weight of 12,5 tons equipped with a diesel engine Deutz power of 320 hp (instead of two carburettors), as well as an Allison gearbox.

    The car was shown without weapons, but the developer at that time stated the possibility of installing two combat modules of local production - either "Storm" or "Sail". These modules have the same weapons in the form of 30-mm guns ZTM-1, 7,62 mm of a machine gun CT-7,62, a grenade launcher KBA-117 and two PTRK.

    However, next year, the company demonstrated a model of a new model of armored personnel carrier "Varan-3" with the Slovak remote-controlled combat module Turra 30 with a 30-mm gun 2A42, a pair of 7,62-mm machine gun and two launch containers with anti-tank missiles 9М113 "Competition" of the Soviet production.

    Now "Varan" is positioned as a basis for special machines like a control, communication, medical, and also repair and evacuation machine. But there are no statements from the military and the more so there are no contracts.

    Tactical and technical characteristics

    Length, mm 7500
    Width, mm 2800
    Height, mm 2650
    Track, mm 2410
    Weight 15500 kg
    Crew 3 + 7 people.
    Engine inline, six-cylinder four-stroke diesel with water cooled and turbocharged, Deutz TCD 2013 L64V
    Maximal power at 2200 rpm, kW (hp) - 235,4 (320)
    Transmission, clutch ALLISON 3000, automatic
    Maximum speed
    - per chassis - 110 km / yr
    - on the water - up to 10 km / h
    Stroke 750 km


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