T-72AMT is the only Ukrainian tank protected by the DSC Shield of the new generation

T-72AMT Photo: Phrase.you
  • In August last year the State Enterprise "Kiev Armored Plant", part of the concern "Ukroboronprom", presented its version of the modification of the Soviet tank T-72A. The combat machine was developed on its own initiative by KBTZ and was named T-72AMT.

    "We made this modification T-72AMT based on the real wishes and experience of Ukrainian fighters. And we did it at the expense of our plant, with the intention to make the most efficient use of available spare parts. At the "Kiev Armored Plant", as well as at other enterprises "Ukroboronproma", constantly working with the military, a direct dialogue and an exchange of ideas. Now T-72AMT is transferred to one of the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    After the celebrations (before the Independence Day), T-72AMT will be sent to a special test site where appropriate tests will be conducted with a test of all systems ", - said Vadim Shkavrov, director of the plant.

    However, some Ukrainian military experts have seen a number of dubious technological decisions in the new modification. Thus, the tank uses the Russian engine B-84-1, which distinguishes it from the Kharkov versions of the T-72, which use Ukrainian TD diesels. In addition, the commander's surveillance device (TKN-3UM), the aim of the guidance device (1K13-49 "Neman") and night gear of the driver's mechanic (TNK-72 or TVN-4BUP) are manufactured either at the enterprises of the aggressor country or in Belarus. In addition, they have rather outdated characteristics and are inferior to the advanced solutions used in modern Western BST models.

    T-72AMT Photo: Ukroboronprom

    Other improvements are more typical of the trends in the Ukrainian defense - mounted wheels with tracks of the type T-80, and a simple anti-aircraft machine gun replaced by a 12,7-mm machine gun remote control from the tank T-64BV. The communication complex consists of radio stations produced by the Turkish company Aselsan and the Ukrainian "Lybid-K-2RB". In addition, the tank is equipped with modern navigation equipment GLONASS / GPS SN-3003 "Basalt" (manufactured by the state enterprise "Orizon Navigation").

    One more great advantage of T-72AMT is the possibility of using the "Combat" rocket developed by Kyiv KB "Luch". This armament is controlled by a semi-automatic laser beam mode. In this case, the target itself is not illuminated, but the tail of the rocket, which impedes the counteraction of the TOUR with standard means of interference. "Combat" is able to hit the target at a distance up to 5 km, with this distance it can overcome in 17,5 seconds, and the tandem combat unit has sufficient armor-piercing (750 mm for DZ) to destroy any kind of armored vehicles.

    A separate consideration deserves the protection of the tank, which was seriously strengthened. Thus, a large number of DK units and additional security elements hung on the tank, covering almost all dangerous sites in the forward and lateral projections of the OBT. The engine-transmission compartment and the rear part of the tower are protected by special anti-cumulative gratings that are capable of "cutting" cumulative ammunition. Such gratings have proven themselves well during the fighting in the Donbass.

    But the main "highlight" of the Kiev tank was the equipment of the machine advanced DZ "Shield-72" development BCCT "Microtech". This development is based on the "Knife" complex (installed on "Bulat" and "T-84У" tanks), but with a number of modified characteristics. The development of the dynamic protection of the Knife and the experience of the battles in the Donbass led to the fact that this complex, which in 3 times is lighter than the Duplet (installed on the BM Oplot), is practically inferior to the latter in terms of characteristics. Although the Kiev company is developing a new dynamic protection for other types of tanks (based on T-64 and T-80), T-72AMT was the first and only one where this new development is used.

    Tank T-72AMT

    The "Kiev Armored Plant", part of the "Ukroboronprom", for its own working capital, has developed a new modernization of the main battle tank T-72A to the T-72AMT. In his development, the maximum attention was paid to the experience that Ukrainian troops received in the ATO zone. Modernization has touched on, first of all, increased protection, the installation of digital radio stations, which allow tank crews directly to maintain communications with infantry units, as well as night vision devices for all crew members with modern third-generation electron-optical transducers. Details: http://ukroboronprom.com.ua/uk/media/tank-t-72amt-vprovadzhennya-bojovogo-dosvidu-u-zonisona-toyivskym-bronetankovym-zavodom.html

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