Strips "Albatros" of the Ukrainian fleet

  • In the division of the Black Sea Fleet Russia did everything to bring less valuable vessels to Ukraine. Therefore, among the flagships of the Ukrainian fleet were the ships of the border guards. In addition to Hetman Sahaidachny, there is also the corvette Vinnitsa.

    This ship of the project 1124P - the code "Albatross", English. according to NATO classification - Grisha-II class corvette. Construction of the border guards of this project for the Naval Forces of the KGB border troops of the USSR began at 1972 on the Zelenodolsk Shipyard. In total, fourteen PSURs of this project were built.

    After a year 1992 of the marine part of the State Committee of Ukraine border came two ships of this project: PSKR "Dnepr" (founded in dock Zelenodolsk Shipyard (Tatarstan) December 23 1975 year and PSKR "Ishmael" (12 September 1978).

    The main weapons of the ships are two AK-725 artillery units, two two-pipe 533-mm torpedo units, two jet bomber units and deep bombs. Two fast-moving boats were included in the armament to deliver inspection teams.

    At the end of 1995 year, a decision was made to transfer the ships of the project 1124P to the Naval Forces of Ukraine by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

    Ships were reclassified into corvettes and renamed U206 "Vinnytsia" and U205 "Chernigov". For some time ships were both a border guard and a navy crew.

    After the VMSU ship was transferred, the corvette "Vinnytsia" participated in many multinational exercises - "Classic-96", "Farwater Peace-99", "Cooperative Partner-2000" and others.

    Due to the lack of funding and the impossibility of dock repair, the Chernigov corvette was expelled from the fleet and written off in 2005 year. Before the ship was canceled, the name "Ishmael" was returned, and the name "Chernigov" was transferred to the sea-minesweeper of the project 266M "Yellow Waters". The corvette was sold as a scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of OJSC MetProm. In April 2010 year the corvette sank at the disassembly of the corps in the Donuzlav lake.

    But "Vinnitsa" became the last ship of the Navy, which was captured by the Russians during the annexation of the Crimea - 22 March 2014 year.

    The crew of the Ukrainian Navy came to the shore in full force. 19 April 2014 returned to the Navy of Ukraine. Currently based in Odessa.

    Since September 2017 year - on repair on the basis of ship repair yard "Ukraine" of the Odessa port.

    In April 2018 saw media reports that rebuilding the ship to combat readiness is not economically feasible and will be eliminated from the Navy.

    Tactical and technical characteristics

    • Tonnage: normal - 830 t, full - 990 t
    • Length: 71,2 m
    • Width: 10,1 m
    • Draft: 3,8 m (6,10 m by GAS flowmeter)
    • Full speed: 35 nodes
    • Economic progress: 14 nodes
    • Autonomy of navigation: 9 days (in terms of fuel reserves), 18 days (in terms of supplies)
    • Crew: 79 man, including 9 Officers