The first Ukrainian "bullfight": "Boar" sample number 1

  • Against the background of the annexation of the Crimea and the war on the Donbass, the designers of both the state and private "offices" "shook the dust" from their pre-war developments and are now trying to refine them to the wishes of the military for the purpose of adoption.

    The same applies to small arms. Especially so fashionable now in Ukraine (in the West the fashion has passed years since 10 ago), the layout scheme "bullpup". One of such modifications AK-74 in the form assault rifle "Kid" навіть прийнята на озброєння.

    However, few people know that the originator of all these developments was an automaton, created in Nizhyn literally in the garage. This is about the pilot machine "Vepr" sample number 1.
    In 1993, specialists of the artillery base of the Ministry of Defense's arsenal in Nizhyn (Chernihiv region) initially started work on the creation of a bullet-shaped machine on the basis of the PKK under the cartridge 7,62х39. In the 1994 year, an automaton, called "Boepr", was created for the sample number 1.

    His designers were three people - Colonel Anatoly Anatolev, his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Volodymyr Sheiko and the head of the small arms department Major Andrei Zharkov.

    Moreover, the sample was created in practically in artisanal conditions, without special equipment, the most technologically equipped was a machine - and trophy German, released in ... 1913 year. And they did the 5 storage device with the PNC: for understanding 1-I - the weapon just from the factory, 5-I is a direct road to melting. And the parts were made from improvised materials - for example, a crackling made of a knuckle from a pneumatic rifle.

    The trigger made changes - for smoothness of the descent removed the cut in the whisperer of a single fire. The gas tube now had no lining, but on the lid of the trunk a cheek pad appeared. Have made and new stores, and two types: on 5 and 10 cartridges.

    When the development was begun, the military experienced strong pressure, including from the side of the SBU - they say, is not this your business, what right do you have for such work?

    However, the innovators were fortunate - intelligent people turned out to be in the Main Missile-Artillery Armament Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Drawings got on the table by the Minister of Defense, he approved. Then it was easier: they commissioned the ministry, that is, they received a legitimate justification for their "self-government".

    In 1994 year, samples 2 and 3 were also developed based on PKK-74 5,45х39 mm and AKM 7,62х39 mm. Later, the carabiner SCS - No. 4 was reworked. The cost of processing one unit of standard weapon in "bullpack" at that time was 300 UAH.

    The first "exit into the world" took place at the exhibition "Weapons-95", where "Vepr" praised everyone, including the then Defense Minister Shmarov, who proposed to rename "Vepr" to "Vovka" and "Wolverine", as allegedly in Russia already has its own "Boeing". He promised to give money, to order an experimental party, to arrange military tests. But then the minister was removed and the matter was quiet.

    Meanwhile, designers at personal contacts organized almost military tests of their weapons. Nizhyn weapons were tested and shot by representatives of various types of troops and special services: from Sniper anti-terror center "Alpha" under the SBU to the "Titanists" and the leadership of airmobile troops. Paratroopers "bullpup" especially liked, because the SVD through its dimensions is dumped in a separate container, and from "bullfight" paratroopers can fire directly from the air. All others noted the accuracy and heaviness - equal to the indicators of the LED for a distance to 400 meters, small dimensions, convenience in combat and the original position.

    Anatoliev and the company patented their invention, but in the 2001 year, Nizhyn designers summoned the authorities and ordered the transfer of all documentation on the project for the completion of the Kiev radio plant.

    In 2003, the management of the design bureau "Artillery Armament" presented the result of two-year (!) Work and investment of 100 000 dollars (!), The weapon of the future - "Vepr". The recharge handle is carried out on the gas-driven knot, a barrel, according to developers' assurances, covered with a special superstructure, but everything else is practically identical to the Nizhyn sample of 1994 year.


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