Latest technologies for gunners: Obolon-A complex

  • The war on the Donbass has demonstrated the special importance of artillery in the course of the modern conflict. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that the rearmament of artillery units has become one of the priorities in the development of weapons and military equipment in the Land Forces.

    An important element was the development and capture of a complex of automated control of the artillery battery and the 1V26-1 division "Obolon-A", which developed the State Enterprise "Lviv State Plant Lorta".

    The complex consists of four cars:
    - the division commander
    - Chief of Staff of the Division
    - the battery commander
    - Senior Battery Officer.

    At various exhibitions in 2015 - 2017 years a car of the senior officer of the battery on the basis of the MT-LB tractor and the car of the chief of staff of the division on a wheeled chassis (car KraZ) was shown.

    Thus, the car of the senior officer of the battery is designed to perform such basic tasks as collecting battery data and obtaining combat missions; Preparation of fire positions of the battery for fire and the binding of the fire position of the battery; fire training and battery fire control; correction of fire. The equipment installed on the machine allows you to perform all calculations and artillery tasks that must be performed to prepare the battery firing. To do this, the machine has five computerized workplaces. Moreover, computers of the Swedish production - a modern, military model, and domestic software - the development of specialists "Lviv Research Radio Engineering Institute".

    An important component of the machine is a complex system of topogeodetic binding, consisting not only of the GPS satellite navigation system, but also a high-precision inertial system of original development, the nucleus of which is the gyroscursor of American production. For automated accounting of meteorological factors in solving settlement artillery problems, the machine is equipped with automated meteorological equipment manufactured by Odessa Element.

    The connection of artillers is provided both in voice and telecode modes. To do this, VHF radios P-030U and portable radios P-002PP manufactured by Odessa Telekart-Device are used. Internal communication and switching are designed specifically for this complex by the Ternopil radio company Orion.

    In addition, the machine is equipped with a radiochemical intelligence device, which allows the crew to independently conduct radiation and chemical exploration. The car is also equipped with all the necessary life support systems - two air conditioners, and has an autonomous power system in the form of a diesel generator. The system can operate both from the main engine, the auxiliary power unit, and within 40 minutes from the battery.

    The complex works in conjunction with the complex "Zolotye-2", the Zolo-3 radar reconnaissance complex and unmanned aerial vehicles used for intelligence and correction of artillery fire.

    According to the military rearmament on Obolon-A, it will be possible to reduce the duration of the control cycles twice and increase the effectiveness of combat use of artillery on 15-20%.


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