Future Arsenal: ZRK Dnipro

ZRK "Dnipro"
  • Over the past three years, the Ukrainian defense industry has made a major breakthrough - a large number of different types of weapons have been modernized, new ones that have been adopted or will be adopted in the near future.

    One of the new weapons samples is the medium-range anti-aircraft missile complex Dnepr, which is being developed with 2012 year. It was originally intended to be installed on the prospective corvettes of the 58250 project, and only with the 2014 of the year began to be developed as an army option.

    According to the military, the new complex can destroy aircraft and helicopters of all types, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles at medium and short distances. With the fact that knocking down the whole complex can at any time, even in difficult meteorological conditions and in the active informational, fire and maneuvering counteraction of the enemy.

    Zaporizhia NPP "Dnepr" is a product of cooperation of a number of enterprises: the missiles were developed by the Kyiv State CSC "Luch", the heads of guidance for them were the Lviv DP LNDRTI, the multifunctional radar of rocket launchers - the Zaporizhzhya NPC "Iskra", and the point of combat management - the Kiev NPP "Aerotechnika- MLT ".

    The structure of the ZRK "Dnipro" includes a combat command post, a multifunctional radar station 1L220U, as well as launchers. The armored cars KrAZ-6322 stand for them. It should be noted that the multifunctional radar station is developed based on the technology of active phase antenna arrays and provides a range of target detection in 150 km.

    ZNK "Dnepr" can simultaneously use 12 guided missiles CL-27 for six purposes. The anti-aircraft missiles used in the complex were developed on the basis of the air-to-air missile R-27, two modifications: with command telecontrol in the initial and middle sections of the trajectory and active self-guidance on the final site and with radio-correction of guidance to the initial and middle sections and active self-guidance on the final site.

    There is no open data on the stage at which the Zaporizhia NPP is located, but it is assumed that the complex is the basis for the Polish-Ukrainian ZRK "Narev", which was officially offered to the Ministry of National Defense of Poland in 2017 year.

    Tactical and technical characteristics of the "Dnepr" MRK:

    • Maximum range detection target type tactical fighter, km:

    - at an altitude of 7 km - at least 150;
    - at an altitude of 0,15 km - at least 50;
    - at an altitude of 0,02 km - at least 28;

    • Range of steady escort of a tactical fighter - 120 km;
    • Minimum height of target damage is 0,015 km;
    • Maximum defeat height of the target is 25 km;
    • Time of preparation (inclusion) of the complex for combat work - no more than 4 minutes.


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