UGG-40 grenade launcher: the latest Ukrainian development that surpasses the world's analogues

  • The automatic grenade launcher UAG-40, became the first serial development of Ukrainian gunsmiths in this direction. The model was developed by KB «Precision Mechanisms» to replace the outdated Soviet grenade launcher AGS-17. His production was set up at PJSC "Plant" Smith on Rybalsky ".

    The main difference from the Soviet model 1967 of the year was the ammunition caliber. Instead of the 30-mm grenade, the Kyivans decided to use 40-mm, a model of NATO countries. Moreover, in order not to be dependent on foreign suppliers, domestic gunsmiths have created and produced grenades for them.

    Work on the new grenade began in 2010 year. The development of the first samples of UAG-40 took about 3-ies. He passed the state test in 2017.

    The main advantages of the Ukrainian novelty over the foreign analogues are called - a small weight (17 kg grenade launcher and 14 kg machine for him), reduced efficiency, made by applying a friction damper damper and three-tiered longitudinal screw chisel barrel. A special slit silencer not only reduces kickback, but also takes away gunpowder, which makes the arrow more invisible during firing. All this greatly improves the mobility of weapons, its accuracy and convenience. The grenade launcher's length is 960 mm, the range of the shot is up to 2,2 km, and the speed of the shot - 400 shots per minute.

    UAG-40 Army of Nigeria
    UAG-40 Army of Nigeria. Photo:

    Especially for UAG-40, two types of munitions were developed in Ukraine - the fragmentation-intensive PGOF-40 and the fragmentation-cumulative PGOK-40. The first one is most suitable for defeating enemy fighters - the radius of damage is about 12 meters. The second shell allows you to destroy the light armor of the enemy, he is able to break armor in thickness up to 80 mm. In this case, both types of grenades are serially produced at the factory "Impulse", located in the city of Shostka.

    In Ukraine, this weapon was procured only in small batches for certain units of the NMU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also, UAG-40 was installed on some Ukrainian combat modules. But in Nigeria, the Ukrainian grenade launcher is in great demand. The government of this crane bought a significant number of UAG-40 at the "Smith on Rybalsky" plant.