The National Industrial Portal informs about the development of Ukrainian industry, its achievements and victories. Our portal helps to find out about the companies and companies working in the developing countries of our country and provide growth of our economy and glory on the world markets of products.

made in ukraine, NPP, national industrial portal, pavlov voloshinWe write news, publish information about Ukrainian companies and enterprises, their products, plans and projects. We, with the team, are convinced that each invented idea will ensure the development of the economy in the country, improve the standard of living, provide its own market with quality products.

Our goal is to help the industry with an information component. Talk about the projects and their plans to other people who will be proud of their state and its achievements. They can choose their own passion and profession in a particular field.

We are the source of analytical information that aims to help people draw conclusions from the work of industry and other industries in Ukraine. Our goal, as well as the goal of any citizen of the state, is to support the country's economic growth by safeguarding its bright future.


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