Stinging path of the first serial armored repair and evacuation machine of Ukraine - BREM "Atlet"

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  • In April 2018 year, the Concern "Ukroboronprom" announced the start of serial production of a new armored repair and evacuation machine BREM-84 "Atlet". It was reported that two such machines were already contracted to the Royal Thai Army, and two more are waiting for shipment, having passed the test in Ukraine.

    However, few people know that this machine, developed by the Kharkiv Design Bureau for the mechanical engineering of them. A. Morozov on the base of the main battle tank T-84 "Oplot", first appeared in 1997 year. For many years she was unnecessary and her only copy served as a textbook at the Military Institute of Panzer Forces of NTU "KhPI".

    The first prototype BREM-84, based on the tank T-80UD, KMBM them. A. Morozova created with the participation of the Zaporizhzhya electric locomotive plant "Iskra". In the course of the tests that lasted several years, the car was refined and named BREM-84 "Athlete". She was armed with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the 2008 year, already on a modern chassis T-84 "Oplot".

    Weight "Athletes" is 46 tons. The machine is designed to prepare for evacuation and towing damaged armored vehicles, conducting welding works, conducting excavation works, transporting spare parts and consumables up to 1,5 tons.

    Thanks to the 1000-powered engine, BREM is able to drive speeds up to 70 km / h on road and up to 45 km / h off-road. Also, the machine is able to overcome the water obstacles depth to 1,8 meters on the go and depth to 5 meters with preparation. At the same time it is installed on the pipe-laz, through which the crew can leave the car in the event of an accident.

    "Athletic" provides protection of the crew and its main units and systems from the fire of small arms, and from the frontal projection from the fire of small caliber artillery systems. He has his own weapons in the form of a 12,7-mm machine gun NWTT installed in an open-air weapon machine gun (an ammunition is 450 cartridges), as well as 8 launchers for firing smoke grenades.

    To perform the main tasks, "Atlet" is equipped with a crane installation load to 25 t, which allows the replacement of the main units and units of the tank, including the tower and engine in the field. The operation of the crane can be carried out both from the place of the mechanic driver, and remotely, outside the machine, at a distance up to 5 m.

    For the evacuation of combat vehicles, the "Atlet" is equipped with a winch with a maximum force of 250 kN, which is sufficient to remove the main battle tanks. Special equipment allows to carry heavy equipment loading at speeds up to 25 km / h.

    Field repairs of damaged equipment may be carried out using a set of special tools, including welding equipment. In addition to the standard ZAP, BREM can carry an additional set of spare parts on the platform (for example, a new engine).

    In addition to repair, "Atlet" is capable of carrying out earth-moving work. The machine can fill up the ditches and ditches, or vice versa - drown caponies and build ramps or climbing tracks.

    The crew BREM consists of three people - a mechanic driver, commander and mechanic specialist.
    Cost of production of one unit - 4 million UAH.